nosce te ipsum (scorpionis) wrote in gardening,

droopy cucumber leaves?

I'm growing a vegetable garden for the first time: I live in Austin, TX, zone 8b, heat zone 9. My cucumber plant is vining nicely and has several flowers. When it's not in full sun the leaves are turgid and stand out from the vine but when the sun hits them they start to droop. To be fair, it's been hot yesterday and today: it'll probably get to 95F/35C (I think) and we've had a lot of temperature variations the last couple of weeks: anywhere from 40s/60s to 70s/90s (night/day). Should I worry about the plant or is this totally normal? Thanks in advance and sorry if it's a silly question: gardening in Central Texas is really weird sometimes!
Tags: plant health, vegetable: cucumber, vegetables, zone: usda 8
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