Alex (Rexx) (rexxwolfe) wrote in gardening,

Buyer beware of fake blue orchid flowers for sale.

I am going to give some of a new gardeners here a bit of advice and beware.   Beware of stem dyed cut flowers or  dye watered flowers.   Ever recall that celery experiment we did as children, where you shoved a stalk of celery into food coloured water and watched as time passed the celery would turn colour?  Well this  works  very very well with some flowering plants. Often plants that have a need for lots of  water or have  high transpiration rate.  We often know those BLUE deep true blue roses are fake. The blue rose is actually more of a lavender purple with blueish undertones. Or purple with a blue cast. Blue in flowers is  not a common colour. They also do this to get those neat blue carnations.  And blue cut orchids. The dye will tint the white areas of the flower blue.  Other colours have a blue cast but yellow will look greenish.  They also do this trick for many other vivid colours.  Like say for example, vivid green carnations on st Patrick's day..   These do look nice and sometimes it is cool to  give a theme arrangement. I just deeply disagree with the fact people peddle these like they are really that colour.
  You would be surprised how many people think  those are real. Basically they water the rose /or  cut the roses it is developing into nice clean water saturated with blue dye.  And then I get asked at work. Where can I buy one of those  really blue roses for my garden?  What gets me is the outrageous prices these" BLUE" flowers get. Sure it's pretty and some work is involved but the price is almost entirely gimmick profit.  But the real rip off is showing up in Phalenopsis  Orchids being sold under the "Blue mystique" name.  I belong to multiple orchid societies, And  I help Judge orchids in shows. Blue is the rarest colour in orchids. Only a  select few orchids are true blue. I have grown hundreds of orchids.  These blue phalenopsis have  a bright blue flower but upon closer inspection you will notice  the flowers have uneven watery distribution of the blue tint.  Often darker blue around the edges of the sepals and petals. The leaves may have dark blue green streaking. A  guy was trying to sell these for over 50 dollars! I just think it's a sin. Because later flowerings will have  less blue colour or none at all.  Basically they take a  so-so quality white orchid. One not worth that much money,  do this treatment then ask for a high price for these amazingly blue orchids. Hey it's cool but also really deceptive and sad if a person buys this and assumes hey if I can bloom this again, I will have this beautiful blue flower next year. Just  a heads up. Even in the gardening world there are some real shady practices we need to be aware of. 
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