goddamn damn damn (tokio) wrote in gardening,

How often should I water?

Gardeners, I need your help with just a quick question.

I have either just planted or will be planting the following herbs:
- Dill
- Cilantro
- Italian Parsley
- Sweet Basil
- Chives
- Rosemary
- Oregano
- Mint
- Lavender

How often should I water each one, and with what amount of water? The parsley, basil, and chives are all in the same long container and it doesn't drain. The rest are in draining pots. I'm a notorious over-waterer. Not only have I killed many orchids in my time, I have also killed a cactus... in West Texas. Even though I've checked Google, I couldn't find super-consistent information, and I'd like to double check my results.

Also, should I keep these outside or in the windowsill? We get decent sunlight in the window sills but it's cloudy often, and we don't have a lot of windows to use. However, I live in a pretty humid environment, not to mention the neighborhood is overrun by possums and raccoons, so I'm hesitant to put them outside if they will actually grow inside.

Thank you so much!
Tags: herbs, watering
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