February 8th, 2006


Gardening/Seed Catalogs

Dear fellow gardeners and aspiring gardeners:

What is your favorite gardening/seed catalog?

What is the most obscure gardening/seed catalog/site that you know of? Obscure as in interesting, uncommon, intriguing...

I am personally interested in heirloom/gourmet veggies, but curious about your favorites, be they veggie or flower-related!


A plea for help: this white crusty substance is killing my jasmine plants which I have brought inside for winter. It forms on the stems and winds up drying the leaves and eventually the whole plant dies. I've already lost one (it was the oldest), now the second to oldest is succumbing, the younger one has some on it. I notice that the other young one I have in the opposite end of the apartment is just fine, though. I'm afraid to bring the one that only has a little near it!

Any ideas?
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hey, it's me again, girl who's been asking a million questions about container/balcony planting.

Anyway, I have a few more questions.

First, I would like to probably use a container like some big plastic bins or something like that to grow my plants in. Suggestions for what kind? Also, would I need to drill water drainage holes in the bottom? I live on a third story apartment so I worry a bit about water dripping out. I've heard somewhere that you can put something on the bottom of the containers so that you wouldn't need drainage holes, because it'll absorb excess water? What is that, if that exists?

Also, what kind of soil is good for container growing? How much should I need? Any suggestions for brands/types? What kind of fertilizer should I use and how often should I use it?

The water used for watering - does it have be filtered or does it matter?

I've had people asked me what size balcony I have, and from what I measured (which isn't exact, it's just me holding up a short tape measure many times) is about 7.5 ft by 17 ft (205 in by 90 in)

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These are the plant seeds I've already acquired. I am most likely not planting all of these,but if you have any specific information about any of them (especially the vegetables) - any advice is great.

[I am looking especially for information such as height/width/root depth of plant, and what spacing it needs between it and another plant, and what size container it needs minimum, etc]

Also, if any of these plants are huge, or will definitely need their own container, or any that isn't good for container/gardening, please tell me. Thanks.

Corn - Chinese Baby
Summer Squash - Round Zuchini
Summer Squash - White Pattypan/Heirloom Scallop
Tomatoes - Tiny Tim
Melons - Minnesota Midget
Onions - Barletta
Peas - Dwarf Grey Sugar
Carrots - Little Finger
Lettuce - Tom Thumb
Tomatoes - Red Currant
Cucumber - Tender Green Burpless
Spinach - Razzle Dazzle Hybrid
Cucumbers - Spacemaster Bush
Peppers - Yolo Wonder
Peppers - Banana
Peppers - Gyspy
Peppers - California Wonder

Basil - Cinnamon
Parsley - Italian
Chamomile - German
Sage - Broad Leaf
Dill - Fernleaf
Mint - Spearmint

Forget me not - Chinese
Forget me not - dwarf indigo
viola - johnny jump up
snap dragons - blue dreams - dwarf
texas bluebonnet
lavender - Lavender Angustifolia

Other applications of rooting hormone?

I asked these question on a propagation forum but wanted see if anyone here had additional information.

I've dipped cuttings in rooting hormone then placed it in soil to root. I was wondering if you can use rooting hormone in other ways:

1. Will rooting hormone added to water accelerate rooting of cuttings? (assuming the plant roots in water, i.e. coleus)

2. Can you sprinkle rooting hormone on a crawling plant's stem that is in contact with soil to accelerate it's rooting? (assuming the plant roots when in contact with soil, i.e. mint, creeping jenny, some succulents)?

3. Are these applications not a good idea or bad for the cuttings?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Lemon Trees?

I really want a lemon tree (and possibly a lime one as well) for my back lanai. The local nursuries either don't have lemon trees or they are very sad looking. I know someone in this community posted a couple months back about one they bought on the 'net. I've checked with a couple places online and they don't carry them. Anyone have a suggestion for a place I can order one online? Variety suggestions would also be helpful. I'm thinking a dwarf variety might be a good idea in case I ever move and want to take it with me, but my lanai has a pretty high ceiling so I could opt for a regular variety too.

I'm also wondering how long it typically takes for younger trees to produce fruit.

And while I'm asking questions about citrus trees, does anyone know when you should fertilize orange trees? I have 6 growing on both sides of my house, and they have a ton of oranges, but I'm wondering if it would be beneficial to fertilize them.

(I live in zone 9, if anyone cares.)

[ETA: I should mention I live in Florida, since for some bizarre reason I've found a few places online that won't ship trees to Florida. Bleh.]
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Tulip questions

Well I notice that everyone is talking about how unsually warm things have been this winter. I'm very glad of it actually. I'm down in zone 9 and several trees are already getting new green leaves. I was surprised to find Tulips and Hyacinths at some garden centers. I thought it was rather early, but I'm glad to see everything coming up. I have a feeling spring will come early and I'm probably gonna get a jump on my garden in another week since I just got my first seed order in.

I just love tulips. They are bulbs aren't they? Do I have to buy them as bulbs or can I just buy the ones I saw already blooming at the store? That's what I'm contemplating doing. Also I read some of you saying that you have to bring the bulbs in when it's winter unless you're in a warmer area. Would it be ok to leave them out all year? Also why do they come in bulbs? Don't things like tulips make seeds? Yes this is all new to me. Please let me know.
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