May 23rd, 2019

Single Pimpernel

Garlic And Planting Calendar

So, here's the situation.
Last year, I'd ordered several varieties of seed garlic which arrived in good time for planting.
But...I procrastinated, trying to get some other, more urgently time-sensitive matters attended to, figuring I could always plant the garlic "in another three or four days."
Set the seed garlic aside for those "three or four days," and, well, out of sight, out of mind.
The upshot is, I ended up planting them.... H'mm: I believe it was during the first week of this month. Or, the second week.
Not all of the buds were in good enough condition to plant, and had to be discarded, but I reasoned I'd play a kind of garden lotto with the rest, and see what happens. The "plan" is to use this garlic for more seed garlic.

What buds the squirrels haven't dug up and made off with, are sprouting.
Now, in this region (northeast Ohio), garlic does best when planted in the autumn; autumn-planted garlic gets harvested the following summer.

As I've messed up the planting/growing schedule for this garlic, what does the hive mind say is my best bet for eventually producing full, robust heads of garlic to seed, grow andultimately harvest?