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rare fruit/grafting workshop--sf

sounds neat!

CA Rare Fruit Growers Annual Scion Exchange

Saturday, January 21st

noon - 3pm


----/ Event Description /-----------------------------------------------

Learn to be a horticultural Dr. Frankenstein! The event includes
grafting wood and cuttings for rooting, a grafting demonstration at 1
pm, and low-cost pamphlets about growing uncommon fruits and
vegetables. A $3 donation is requested to help defray
costs; most plant materials are free.

It's social as well as educational. While this event is being held
in San Francisco, the Golden Gate Chapter's meetings are held
variously in SF, the East Bay and the North Bay.

The California Rare Fruit Growers (CRFG) currently has some
2700 members in 46 states and US territories, and in over 30
countries --
including commercial growers, nurserymen, university and government
researchers, agricultural agents, and people who grow purely for
their own

Our objectives include the introduction of new fruits and vegetables
local markets and home gardens, selection of superior varieties for
climates, exchange of seeds/cuttings/scion-wood, research on
hardiness and
propagation/cultivation requirements, and publishing information
these activities.

----/ Venue Info /------------------------------------------------------

UCSF Mission Center
1855 Folsom (at 15th Street)
San Francisco

----/ Additional Info /-------------------------------------------------

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