Joel Ignacio (joeysplanting) wrote in gardening,
Joel Ignacio

Other applications of rooting hormone?

I asked these question on a propagation forum but wanted see if anyone here had additional information.

I've dipped cuttings in rooting hormone then placed it in soil to root. I was wondering if you can use rooting hormone in other ways:

1. Will rooting hormone added to water accelerate rooting of cuttings? (assuming the plant roots in water, i.e. coleus)

2. Can you sprinkle rooting hormone on a crawling plant's stem that is in contact with soil to accelerate it's rooting? (assuming the plant roots when in contact with soil, i.e. mint, creeping jenny, some succulents)?

3. Are these applications not a good idea or bad for the cuttings?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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