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The Gardener

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The LJ Gardening Community
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This is a community for gardeners, whether you're brand new or have been doing it all your life. It doesn't matter if you plant in a garden or in containers, or if you grow herbs or exotic plants, or even if you only have two or three house plants, everybody is welcome here; this is a community for those who are interested in growing plants of all kinds. Ask questions, post pictures of your plants, or just give advice.

If you're brand new to the community please feel free to leave an entry to introduce yourself and your interests around plants/gardening.

1. Pictures are thoroughly welcomed, but IF YOU POST MORE THAN ONE PICTURE, THE EXTRAS MUST BE BEHIND AN LJ-CUT.. It helps people's bandwidth and those with slower internet connections. If you need help figuring how to use an LJ-cut tag, please see this help page.
2. Do not join just to promote a community, blog, site, or service, whether it is related to gardening or not. The post will be promptly deleted.
3. The Livejournal Terms of Service strictly states:
"You agree to NOT use the Service to promote or provide instructional information about illegal activities..."
This includes the promotion/instructional information on illegal and narcotic plants. If any posts are made regarding these plants and their promotion, instructions on how to grow them, or questions on growing them, the post will be deleted. If the same member makes subsequent posts, they will be banned from the community. In order to keep this community alive and avoid deletion by the Livejournal company, we need to abide by their terms.
4. No flaming. Any members stirring the shit and generally being an asshole will be banned. This isn't the place to air out your dirty laundry.
5. Do not post any sort of solicitations or asking for donations. It doesn't matter what your cause is for, this is a gardening community and is made for the discussion of just that. Keep that kind of stuff to your own journal/communities that do allow it. Any of these posts will be promtly deleted.
6. A word about images. If you have an image of a dead animal that is related to your garden please place it behind a cut with a warning. These images are disturbing to some members. Any images with excessive gore or that aren't related to gardening will be deleted, and the original poster warned. Please also do not post images that you didn't take unless you have direct permission from the copyright holder. If you don't have permission, don't post it. This is stealing.

Not following any of these simple rules will result in the post being deleted, and repeated offences may result in your banishment from the community.

You can contact the community maintainers via email: gardeninglj@gmail.com

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